Caitlin Ramage
  • Caitlin Ramage
  • Mississippi Ambassador

My name is Caitlin Ramage. I have three sons, two are living and one is in Heaven. Of my three pregnancies with two ob-gyns and a midwife, I was never educated about kick counts. I truly believe if I had been, my middle son Carson would be here with us today.

After Carson’s death I joined many support groups and heard many different stories of stillbirth. The commonality I see in almost every story is that the baby’s movement changed. Sometimes the change was sudden and sometimes it was more gradual, but the mothers noticed a change. 

I believe that sharing and educating moms about kick counts is the best way to prevent stillbirth and help more families leave the hospital together. To be able to do this in memory of my sweet boy is a great honor and a way in which I hope to parent him from afar.

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