Candace Huffman
  • Candace Huffman
  • Colorado Ambassador

My name is Candy Huffman and I live in Carbondale, Colorado with my husband and high school sweetheart, Matt, and our daughter Callie. I am proud to be the ambassador for the state of Colorado and give my son, Benjamin, a voice. 

At 27 weeks, I saw my doctor because Ben wasn’t kicking as much as he usually did. I was not yet aware of counting kicks and since his heart rate was normal, I was sent home with paperwork on fetal movement. I left the hospital not being able to feel him kick, maybe flutter but no kicks when previously he was a strong kicker.  Two weeks later, I felt he had passed and even though I couldn’t say it out loud or to anyone else, I just knew. At 29 weeks, I was induced and sweet Ben was born still. My husband and I were able to spend time with him – the best and worst 31 hours of our lives. 

I joined Count the Kicks because I feel it fills a gap in our healthcare system by providing a very powerful tool for mothers and doctors. Had I been counting my kicks with the phone app, my baby might be alive today. Instead, I went to the hospital with a “gut feeling,” but no data. I firmly believe no family should have the experience of stillbirth. I want all women to know about counting kicks and for doctors to have access to the amazing tool that is the Count the Kicks app.

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