Erin Pearl
  • Erin Pearl
  • Colorado Ambassador

Hi, I’m Erin, a resident of Colorado Springs, where I live with my husband and two children, Nemo and Kira. Our family loves to engage in outdoor activities like hiking, plus watching movies, and exploring new things together.

A close friend of mine experienced the heart-wrenching loss of her baby girl, Brielle, due to stillbirth when my son was almost a year old. This incident made me aware of the significance of kick-counting during pregnancy and the unfortunate failure of healthcare providers to properly educate expecting mothers. 

Consequently, during my second pregnancy, I made sure to practice kick counting. When my daughter’s movements reduced after my water broke, I got worried and immediately went for a check-up. The healthcare professionals discovered that her head was tilted, and I did some inversions to adjust her position. She was born quickly, but the cord was wrapped around her neck. Fortunately, she was healthy.

While I try not to dwell on the “what ifs,” I acknowledge the countless devastating stories surrounding stillbirths and the urgent need to prevent them. Therefore, I’m passionate about supporting children and educating others about the massive racial disparities that exist in the American healthcare system. If my efforts can save even one baby, then my time is well-spent. I’m thrilled to be part of this campaign and eager to raise awareness across Colorado.

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