Heather Greene
  • Heather Greene
  • North Carolina Ambassador

After losing our firstborn, our lives were forever imprinted with a desire to effect change, just as our hearts were forever imprinted with the footprints of our daughter’s brief existence.

My name is Heather Greene, and I am truly blessed to be the Count the Kicks Ambassador for North Carolina.  A mother of three, and wife of 13 years, my life is full in so many ways.  However, there will always be a void.

Eleven years ago, we heard the devastating words, “I am so sorry,” from my OB/GYN.  I was 38.5 weeks pregnant with a beautiful baby girl.  Our first baby, we were over the moon to meet Addison Margaret, so to hear that she was gone made no sense.  She was awake and moving just before I went to bed.  My pregnancy was easy.  We were in the home stretch — how could she be gone?  Upon her birth, we were one of the “lucky” few who knew immediately what caused her death.  She had a true knot in her umbilical cord.  There was nothing we could have done, or so they said.

The problem was, the Friday before she passed I had noticed a change in her movement.  She wasn’t moving the same.  It was different enough that I thought of calling the doctor but talked myself out of it for fear of being viewed as “crazy.”  I drank some juice, and eventually she was back to her old self and I never thought about it again.

After losing Addison, I began to research true knots, umbilical cord accidents and anything else I could find to make sense of it. One thing I realized is that kick counting mattered, so why didn’t my doctor ever ask about the kick counts that I did diligently on the makeshift chart they provided?

If they had asked, would they have seen a pattern?  Would I have been better informed about the importance of calling them when her movement changed?  I will never know, but through the Count the Kicks campaign I am determined to do what I can to ensure other families have the information they need so they don’t have to wonder “what if?”

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