Jada Wingo-Metcalf
  • Jada Wingo-Metcalf
  • Georgia Ambassador

I’m a veteran wife and mother of two boys, and a resident of Atlanta, Ga. When I am not supporting new families through their journey into parenthood, I spend loads of time thrifting, and jewelry making in my spare time. I am a trained birth and postpartum doula and certified breastfeeding specialist. I’m also in training to become an IBCLC and Community Health worker for 2021. 

I began the The Milk + Honey Co. in 2017 to educate communities particularly of color on birth, breastfeeding and postpartum recovery through classes, lactation consultations and monthly support groups. I provide integrative evidence-based information to families transitioning into parenthood. For over three years, I have been specializing in lactation and perinatal care, encouraging women to trust their maternal instincts during pregnancy and beyond through radical support and education backed by nerdy science facts.

I am honored for the opportunity to work with Count the Kicks. This is a wonderful tool for mothers to have in their pregnancy toolkit for an optimal pregnancy. This amazing app gives moms the ability to be involved with the prenatal care themselves and to give a voice to underrepresented communities while bridging the gap in continuity of care. The mission of Count the Kicks aligns with the vision of the Milk + Honey Co. to provide conception to reception resources to new families while educating communities.

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