Jenna Edwards
  • Jenna Edwards
  • Texas Ambassador

I was moved to join the Count the Kicks team almost immediately after my firstborn son, Greyson, was stillborn at 33 weeks in September 2014.

I had a bad feeling something would go wrong, but since I was young and healthy I was told not to worry by my OB. All of my normal, first-time mom fears were brushed aside, and I was never recommended to count kicks during the third trimester. My once very active baby began to decline in my last month of pregnancy, and as I later learned slowly faded away due to IUGR caused by a genetic disorder I carry that can cause blood clots during pregnancy.

If I had requested an ultrasound in advance of the normal 37 weeks screening, then my son may have been born alive. The thought of other women having to go through this same pain every day breaks my heart, and I want to help spread the word to all moms just how important it is to listen to your intuition, body and baby when you feel like something may not be right.

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