• Kaley Boudreaux
  • Louisiana Ambassador

My passion for Count the Kicks started after my daughter Mila was born in 2014. In the third trimester of pregnancy my doctor routinely advised me to start tracking Mila’s fetal movements. At 37 weeks I noticed a drastic decrease in Mila’s kicks and made the decision to call my doctor. Ultrasounds and further testing revealed Mila was in distress, and my doctor ordered an emergency C-section. A couple of hours later I gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby who was kicking and screaming, opposite of what I’d imagined. Now six years later Mila is a thriving, active and very bossy kindergartner. 

Immediately after her birth I was immensely grateful to my doctor for recommending I count her kicks, but I was also sad to learn that most of my mom-friends had not been told the same by their doctors. Essentially nobody I knew was counting kicks in their third trimesters because they were never told to do so. 

That news shocked me and forced me to start asking myself hard questions like “what if I’d had a different doctor? What if I was never told to track Mila’s movements? If not, would I have given birth to a live baby?” The uncomfortable answers to these questions ignited a fire in me to make a change. I wanted to tell every pregnant person to track their baby’s movements. I wanted to get every OBGYN into a room and beg them to educate their patients. I wanted to do something, but I didn’t know how. I had all the passion in the world but no way to channel it. 

A few years later, a post from Count the Kicks popped into my Facebook newsfeed asking for state ambassadors to represent their organization. The opportunity enticed me, so I did a quick Google search to see if they’d reached Louisiana yet, and they hadn’t. I was feeling brave that day so I reached out. And just like that, I’d found my channel. 

My husband Reese and I now have another daughter Ellie, who is two, and an 11-year-old puggle dog. We live north of New Orleans in a small town that I love, and we spend most of our time outside. I enjoy cooking, gardening, exercising and eating good Louisiana food. I am so very excited to be a part of Count the Kicks.

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