• Payal Bhosekar
  • Canada Ambassador
  • India Ambassador

“Find your locus,” said my best friend years ago. Little did I know I would find it through the most difficult experience of my life — stillbirth.

I had a smooth and healthy pregnancy and had gotten used to seeing the baby move during sonograms. When I did not feel her move in the 39th week, a day before probable delivery, I panicked and went for checkup, only to hear life-shattering words: “no heartbeat.” While dealing with denial, shock, grief and pain, I kept researching reasons for stillbirth and came across ways to prevent stillbirth. 

The Count the Kicks website and Facebook page enlightened me about the importance of monitoring fetal movements daily in the third trimester. How I wish something so important would have been stressed upon by my doctor, friends, family or my own reading material! If only I knew about “counting kicks” earlier, perhaps my daughter would have been a 1-year-old by now. 

No one deserves to live a life of “if only I had known it earlier,” and so I chose my path to spread the message — Count the Kicks. I aim to raise awareness about tracking baby kicks and help reduce stillbirths. 

I must do my part and I will do my part. It will save babies and help me heal along the way. 

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