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Sometimes, the most difficult moments in our lives become the most defining ones. July 7, 2013 was one of those days in my life. On that day, my full-term daughter, Ella, was stillborn as a result of a tight nuchal cord.

I arrived at the hospital that day, concerned about my baby’s lack of movement, but by the time I arrived, it was already too late to save her.

Holding her in my arms that terrible day, I was shaken to my core, and profoundly distressed. In my mind, stillbirths weren’t supposed to be a twenty-first century occurrence.

I was startled to learn in the weeks following Ella’s birth that stillbirths are still alarmingly common – in fact, one out of every 160 pregnancies in the United States ends with a stillbirth!

This statistic troubled me, and I decided that I personally needed to do something to help prevent other mothers in my area from enduring the heartache of losing a beloved child to stillbirth.

I am determined to spread the word about Count the Kicks in Kansas, until every mother in Kansas knows why it is so important to count her baby’s kicks.

Although I will never see my daughter grow up, I hope that by sharing her story, and spreading the word about Count the Kicks, other little lives may be saved.

Please join me in this important mission. Together, we can save lives!

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