Sarah Sirianni
  • Sarah Sirianni
  • Florida Ambassador

My name is Sarah Sirianni and I live in Bradenton, Florida with my husband and four wonderful children. I am so humbled and grateful to have a child who was saved by Count the Kicks.

Thanks to the Count the Kicks campaign and my doctor, I was educated on the importance of counting during my third pregnancy. After weeks of counting and getting to know our baby’s movements, I noticed a change and quickly told my doctor.

After failing tests, we were advised to deliver.

Our son, Ryan Joseph, was born with a true knot in his umbilical cord, but thankful to our quick response, he was otherwise healthy.

I am eternally grateful to this campaign for bringing awareness to me and so many other expecting mothers. I am so honored to be an Ambassador and part of this amazing team of woman.

I welcome anyone to reach out and get involved in this lifesaving campaign.

Together we can truly save lives.

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