• Stephaney L. Moody
  • Health Equity Coordinator
Stephaney Moody began her work with Healthy Birth Day, Inc. promoting the Count the Kicks campaign in 2018 while serving as the Vice President of the Pastors Ministers Alliance (PMA). The PMA joined forces with Count the Kicks to target the African American churches in the Greater Des Moines area to educate them on the existence of racial disparities in stillbirth outcomes.
Her passion was fueled because of her understanding of the heartache her sister endured from the loss of her daughter Jasmine, who was born still in 1987. She believes that if there was an app to track Jasmine’s fetal movements, there would have been data to show to her provider and Jasmine would possibly be with us today.
During this partnership Stephaney’s granddaughter, Luna, was saved after her daughter-in-law, who was using the Count the Kicks app to track Luna’s movements, was able to share information from her kick counting chart with her provider and show a reduction in Luna’s movements. You can read Luna’s story on our baby saves page. Stephaney also shares Luna’s Count the Kicks success story in this video.
Luna’s story led Stephaney to focus on empowering moms to speak up during doctor visits if they notice a difference in their baby’s movements while in utero. She was then invited to share her testimony at the Iowa Governor’s Conference on Public Health.
Stephaney continued to work as a partner and contractor targeting the eight counties in Iowa with the highest stillbirth rates. On April 30, 2021 she joined the Healthy Birth Day, Inc. team as the Health Equity Coordinator where she will continue working to ensure that race is no longer a predictor of stillbirth outcomes.
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