Thalia Washington
  • Thalia Washington
  • Maryland/D.C. Ambassador

My name is Thalia Washington, and I live in Silver Spring, MD, just outside of Washington, D.C. with my husband and my two living daughters. On Aug. 16, 2015 our middle daughter, Neve, was born still at 40 weeks. After a routine, healthy pregnancy, her death in my womb at full-term was completely unexpected and utterly devastating. My husband and I went to the hospital after noticing severely decreased movement the day before. When the midwife eventually held my hand and said “I’m sorry, there is no heartbeat” my life splintered into before that moment and after. Our lives were forever changed, and I still struggle to accept that no conclusive diagnosis explains why our baby girl died.

After Neve’s death, I researched stillbirth and was shocked and angered to learn how common stillbirth is, how drastic the racial disparity is for women of color in this country, and how little anyone had talked to me about the need to monitor my baby’s movements every day through the end of pregnancy. I found Count the Kicks when I was blessed with a third pregnancy, another girl, and used the app to track her movements daily through the third trimester until she was safely delivered – beautiful and alive.

Serving as an Ambassador for Count the Kicks is an opportunity for me to honor Neve’s memory and hopefully help other families avoid the pain of such loss and instead bring home healthy, living babies.

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