Timika Anderson-Reeves
  • Timika Anderson-Reeves
  • Access Community Health Network
    MCH Program Manager, Partnership & Outreach/WHS Project Director

Timika Anderson Reeves has worked in the maternal and child health (MCH) community for nearly 15 years and is extremely passionate about assisting mothers with the essential resources that will enable them to have a positive birth outcome. She continues to advance in the social work profession, by staying relevant, but also knowledgeable on topics related to MCH populations and is pursuing her doctoral degree in social work. She currently serves at the MCH Program Manager for Partnership and Outreach Services at Access Community Health Network, an integrated network of over 30 community health centers serving medically underserved communities in the Chicago metropolitan area. In addition to this role, she serves as the Westside Healthy Start Project Director to oversee that coordinated care is accessible to high-risk women, men, and babies. Energized with a passion for improving the lives of the most vulnerable, she supports Count the Kicks efforts to ensure that all mothers have access to resources that reduce the burden of uncertainty and prevents the occurrence of an adverse birth outcome.

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