• The free Count the Kicks app is now available on Apple Watch.

Count the Kicks App is Available on Apple Watch

  • Kimberly Isburg
  • 07.14.21

The FREE Count the Kicks app is now available on Apple Watch. At your fingertips, the watch is a convenient new way to monitor your baby’s movements daily in the third trimester! 

Expectant parents can track how long it takes their baby to get to 10 movements by tapping the footprint on their Apple Watch every time they feel a kick, jab, poke or roll during their daily kick counting session. The watch app times how long it takes a baby to get to 10 movements. 

Track Strength

The Apple Watch app also includes the new strength feature. At the end of each kick counting session, app users will now be asked to rate the strength of their baby’s movements on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being “fluttery” and 5 being “fierce.” The data syncs with the user’s mobile app, making it easy to review kick counting data anytime. If normal ever changes, expectant parents should call their provider right away! 

“We encourage all expectant parents to download the free Count the Kicks app today to bond with your baby in the third trimester. This proven method improves birth outcomes and saves lives — and we are excited to provide another tool to monitor the health of babies across the globe,” said Healthy Birth Day, Inc. Executive Director Emily Price.

The free Count the Kicks app is available on Apple Watch.

Our Partners

We’re incredibly grateful to Amerigroup Foundation for their support to make this important update for our app users! Amerigroup Iowa, an Anthem Company, helps improve health care access and quality for approximately 400,000 Iowa residents who participate in the state’s Medicaid programs. Amerigroup serves Iowans by developing and delivering innovative care management programs and services.

“Amerigroup Iowa is grateful to partner with Count the Kicks to provide real-time resources and solutions for expectant moms and families through educational and innovative programming,” said Jeffrey Jones, president, Amerigroup Iowa. “This public health campaign will aid at-risk pregnant women and enhance their overall experience enabling them to take control of their health and feel empowered to discuss these vital details with their healthcare provider. Amerigroup Iowa remains committed to our community partners across the state who play a critical role in the care of our members and the communities they serve.”

Share the Cause

Count the Kicks is committed to helping all expectant parents have a healthy birth day. Along with our valued partners, we’re thrilled to bring these convenient new tools to our app users, to improve their experience and birth outcomes.

If you’re expecting a baby, we encourage you to visit the app store to download Count the Kicks. to monitor your baby’s well being in the third trimester and tell every expectant parent you know about Count the Kicks on Apple Watch!


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