Photo of printable kick counting chart in English

These printable charts are an easy way for expectant parents to track their baby’s movements in the third trimester. Available in multiple languages, these charts make movement monitoring accessible for those who don’t have access to a mobile device or reliable Wi-Fi.

Printable Movement Monitoring Charts

Movement Matters

Expectant parents should get to know their baby's normal movement patterns at the start of the third trimester. Count the Kicks makes it easy!

  • Start a timer to track baby's movements


    Start a timer and record the time it takes for you to feel 10 movements.

  • Count baby's kicks every day around the same time


    Pick a time when baby is active to start counting, preferably the same time every day.

  • Compare kick session to previous times


    After each counting session, compare that time with your past sessions.

  • Contact your provider if you notice a change


    Go to the hospital if you notice a change in your baby's movement patterns.

Why We Count

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