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To explore the impact of COVID-19 on pregnancy and birth outcomes, Count the Kicks is excited to present a series of webinars to educate expectant parents about the unique challenges of expecting a baby during the ongoing pandemic. These events will educate expectant parents and the providers who serve them, and equip them with tools and resources, like the FREE Count the Kicks app, to help them navigate their pregnancy.

Webinar One

Millennial Health & Pregnancy

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The Millennial Health and Pregnancy webinar, held March 9, 2021, explores trends in health and pregnancy complications among Millennial women as they navigate pregnancy during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Count the Kicks partnered with experts at Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield on this webinar. Panelists include Mark Talluto, Vice President, Strategy and Analytics for Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Dr. Tim Gutshall, Chief Medical Officer at Wellmark. Vu-An Foster, a Count the Kicks Ambassador and millennial maternal health professional whose life’s work is centered on improving birth outcomes, shares her experiences with pregnancy as a millennial and discusses the impact of COVID-19 on women who are currently pregnant.

Tune in for key takeaways to help expectant parents and maternal healthcare professionals navigate pregnancy during the ongoing pandemic.

Millennial women currently make up 85 percent of all pregnancies, and while most will experience a healthy pregnancy, a recent analysis of Blue Cross Blue Shield data shows this generation is experiencing some of the highest increases in health conditions that could lead to higher risks of pregnancy and childbirth complications.


  • Understanding Millennial Health and Pregnancy


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