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Research and best practices are the foundation of Count the Kicks. We built our program on evidence that proves the benefits of tracking fetal movements in the third trimester.

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Educational Opportunity

CE Training for Healthcare Professionals

Our 4-hour CE training helps you gain a deeper understanding of our evidence-based stillbirth prevention program and learn how to talk to expectant parents about fetal movement.

Impact of Stillbirth on Families

Kimberly Noble Piper, the Executive Officer for the Center for Congenital and Inherited Disorders and the State Genetics Coordinator for the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services, discusses the impact that stillbirth has on families and medical providers.

Impact of Count the Kicks

Count the Kicks has been designated a Best Practice by the Association of Maternal Child Health Programs (AMCHP), and is endorsed by the International Childbirth Educators Association (ICEA).

  • 84%

    84% of Count the Kicks app users stated that regular tracking was associated with feelings of bonding.

  • 32%

    Iowa’s stillbirth rate decreased by 32% during the first 10 years of the Count the Kicks campaign.

  • 77%

    77% of Count the Kicks app users report that using the app helped to reduce their anxiety about the well-being of their baby.

Healthcare providers play an important role in educating and empowering moms to speak up if they notice a change in their baby’s movement. You can help improve birth outcomes by telling your patients how to contact you if they notice a change or have concerns about movement, and when they should go directly to the hospital.



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Dr. Neil Mandsager, Medical Director, MercyOne Perinatal Center

“There is no doubt that Count the Kicks was critically important in reducing the stillbirth rate here in Iowa and I am sure it’s going to do the same across the country and around the world.”

–Dr. Neil Mandsager, Medical Director, MercyOne Perinatal Center

Educational Materials

Order Count the Kicks Materials

Our printed materials make it easy for maternal healthcare providers and others who work with expectant parents to have a conversation about fetal movement monitoring. These materials are free in more than 25 states, and available for a low cost in all other states.

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Dr. Stephen Hunter

"If both the patient and the physician utilized the Count the Kicks program, the way it's designed to be utilized, I think there would be a significant reduction in the number of stillbirths across the country."

-Dr. Stephen Hunter, Associate Director of the Iowa Statewide Perinatal Care Program

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