Powerful Advocates

To make kick counting a common practice for ALL expectant parents in the third trimester, we must raise awareness about Count the Kicks with parents and healthcare professionals across the U.S.

Count the Kicks’ ambassadors are trained volunteers who help us educate and empower expectant parents in their states. These ambassadors are powerful advocates for kick counting and are committed to helping save babies across the U.S.

By the Numbers

Count the Kicks’ ambassadors are our boots on the ground in states across the U.S. Learn more about these powerful advocates.

  • 62

    The Count the Kicks’ ambassadors include 62 powerful advocates in 39 states, plus Washington, D.C.

  • $93,000+

    In the past year, Count the Kicks’ ambassadors have raised more than $93,000 to benefit our mission to save babies.

  • 2,492

    The ambassadors spent approximately 2,492 hours raising awareness about our mission in the past year.

Get Involved

When we work together, we can save more babies. Count the Kicks’ ambassadors help us make a difference. If you are interested in volunteering with Count the Kicks or want more information on becoming an ambassador, please fill out the form below. We’re grateful for your interest in Count the Kicks.

  • *Please see volunteer role descriptions above and select the role that most interests you.
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Baby Saves

Through years of outreach and education, the babies we have helped still inspire us the most.

Meet our baby saves and learn how Count the Kicks helped save their lives.

Baby Saves

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