Melissa Ziegler
  • Melissa Ziegler
  • Wisconsin Ambassador

I am an ambassador for Count The Kicks because it provides such a helpful and powerful tool to empower mothers to advocate for their pregnancy and child. I was not informed about the importance of movement tracking during either of my two pregnancies. 

I didn’t understand the implications of it until I was 38 weeks pregnant with my second daughter. I was just one week shy of my scheduled C-section when I noticed I hadn’t felt her move much over the past 24 hours. When I got to the hospital, my worst fears were confirmed with the dreaded words,” I’m sorry, there is no heartbeat.” 

My daughter Lillian James Ziegler had died inside of me without me even knowing it. My world was immediately changed forever after my stillbirth. Since becoming a lost parent, there is no element of my life that hasn’t been touched and affected. I don’t know if Lily would have been born alive if I would have been monitoring her movements. That’s a question I’ll never have an answer to.

I want to educate others so I can try to prevent even one more family from wondering if their baby could have been saved if they were monitoring fetal movements with Count The Kicks.

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