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Research and best practices are the foundation of Count the Kicks. We built our mission on evidence that proves the benefits of tracking fetal movements.

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Learn the Latest

The link between fetal movement and a healthy baby is clear, but research continues to uncover more about the importance of tracking baby’s movements. Count the Kicks uses the latest research to help achieve our mission.


Push for Equity

Research has revealed that expectant parents of color experience the tragedy of stillbirth at much higher rates than white mothers. Our goal is to prevent stillbirth, which means making sure all mothers are listened to and taken seriously.


One out of every 169 pregnancies ends in stillbirth in the U.S., and that rate is two times higher for Black expectant parents.

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Our goal is to expand Count the Kicks and reduce stillbirth in all 50 states.

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Stay Informed

We’re proud to provide free, evidence-based resources for expectant parents to stay informed and monitor their baby’s well-being.


We started our mission in 2009 with one goal: decrease stillbirths and help save babies in the United States.


Through years of outreach and education, the babies we have helped still inspire us the most.

Meet our baby saves and learn how Count the Kicks helped save their lives.

Baby Saves


"Definitely pay attention to Count the Kicks. Had I not, Nahla wouldn’t be here. Don’t second guess yourself. Don’t feel bad or stupid, don’t worry about insurance or the emergency room bill, go check on your baby because your baby might not be here."

-Dana M.

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This information is for educational purposes only and is not meant for diagnosis or treatment. Use of this information should be done in accordance with your healthcare provider.