Shannon Vaccaro
  • Shannon Vaccaro
  • Nebraska Ambassador

My name is Shannon Vaccaro, and I am the Nebraska Ambassador for Count the Kicks. I live in Omaha, Neb., with my husband Tony, and our two living sons, Vinny and Mikey. We also have two angels in Heaven, Alfy (stillborn in April of 2012) and Anna (lost to miscarriage in June of 2016). I am a member of the healthcare field and work at an area Omaha hospital as a Certified Child Life Specialist.

Alfy, our first child, was stillborn on April 6, 2012 at 28 weeks after we discovered he had died at our routine 28-week appointment. My world was turned upside down and my heart was shattered. I had no idea stillbirth still occurred.

In finding Count the Kicks, I have found a way to educate other mothers on the possibility of stillbirth, in a non-threatening, empowering manner. Providers are a key stakeholder in helping spread the word of Count the Kicks and a crucial collaboration with the Nebraska Perinatal Quality Improvement Collaborative (NPQIC) has been formed to do just that. By opening the communication lines between providers and mothers, babies can be saved!

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