• Nora Nicholson
  • California Ambassador

My name is Nora Nicholson, and I live in Lafayette, California with my husband Dana, and my daughters Marlo and Lila. I am so proud to be the Count the Kicks Ambassador.

On June 9, 2011, our lives were changed forever when my son Bryce was born still at 37 weeks due to a true knot in the umbilical cord. I received attentive medical care during my pregnancy, but none of my medical providers encouraged me to do kick counts. When I told my nurse practitioner that I had been feeling him less, she shrugged it off. That conversation still haunts me because of how powerless I felt in that situation.

In my subsequent pregnancy with my daughter Lila in 2012 even though I was now ‘high risk’ none of my medical professionals suggested I do kick counts to monitor her movements. I was filled with anxiety the entire pregnancy and felt helpless. I wish I had known about Count the Kicks so that I could have felt more empowered over the health of my baby.

I am inspired to work with Count the Kicks to spread the word to mothers and medical professionals that counting kicks saves babies. California has the 41st highest stillbirth rate in the country, losing 2,456 babies a year to stillbirth. I hope to change this statistic. I do not want any other family to suffer the pain that my family went through.

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