Yuvelca Magdalena Reyes
  • Yuvelca Magdalena Reyes
  • Bronx Ambassador

Yuvelca Magdalena Reyes is a South Bronx Native with Dominican Taino roots serving the communities in the Bronx, N.Y., Hudson Valley, N.Y. and Poconos Mountains, Penn., as a trauma-aware, full-spectrum holistic certified doula, pregnancy and infant loss advocate trainer, childbirth educator, and business coach in these fields. She is an international writer, speaker and teacher raising awareness about pail, maternal mental health, family centered advocacy,  and the self care that is needed for both the caregivers doing this type of  grief and loss work and the grieving family during the ‘Cuarentena’ navigating loss, stillbirth and death.

She was first introduced to Count the Kicks when she attended as a doula at her friend’s home water birth VBAC in 2020. She noticed that her friend kept pressing on her cell phone even through contractions and when asked about it was told, “I am counting my baby’s kicks!” 

It wasn’t until Yuvelca partnered with Nneka Hall, Founder of QUILT and Creator of the PAILAdvocate course, that she kept hearing Nneka speak about the importance and how Count the Kicks needs to be standard practice for every birthworker. It became official when Yuvelca met Jen Rowray of Count the Kicks and Samantha Banerjee of Push Pregnancy, that she fully understood the Count the Kicks App and how it saves babies’ lives. 

As she learned more, an advocate fire burned stronger in her heart and moved her to want to raise awareness all throughout the United States, but especially in the New York areas that she serves that are predominantly people of color. 

The statements, “1 in every 169 pregnancies ends in stillbirth; 1 baby every 22 minutes,” were her two biggest takeaways. She could not possess this kind of information and not share this app with every pregnant person she now encounters to help lower these numbers.

Just talking would not be enough; she also started revamping to add this as a standard tool, as her mentor Nneka has said time and again, for all doulas taking ANY training.

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