Chandra Lewis
  • Chandra Lewis
  • Wisconsin Ambassador

Meet Chandra, a compassionate soul who turned her personal tragedy into a beacon of hope and support for others. In 2009, Chandra experienced a heart-wrenching loss when she became the mother of a stillborn daughter, Adonijah Janai. The journey was devastating and isolating, as she navigated through labor alone, grappling with profound grief and self-blame in the absence of answers from medical professionals.

It took years for Chandra to untangle the complex emotions stemming from her experience. In 2021, fueled by empathy and a deep understanding of loss, she founded Reimagining Full Spectrum Doula Services. This initiative was born from the belief that no one should ever face childbirth or life’s challenges alone, especially in the wake of such profound loss.

Chandra’s commitment to supporting individuals through their unique journeys led her to become a Certified Grief Support Specialist. Drawing from her personal experience, she emphasizes the importance of companionship and understanding during the delicate process of grieving.

Passionate about education and advocacy, Chandra supports the mission of Count the Kicks, educating every birth client on the significance of monitoring fetal movement. She believes that widespread access to this information could have potentially saved her daughter’s life. By advocating for increased understanding and awareness, Chandra aims to contribute to a world where stillbirth rates decline significantly, and individuals find solace and information in times of heartbreak.

In founding Reimagining Full Spectrum Doula Services, Chandra creates a safe space where those facing pregnancy loss can find support, understanding, and a sense of community. Her journey underscores the need for compassion, education, research, and advocacy to address the complexities surrounding stillbirth.

As an Ambassador for Count the Kicks, Chandra’s dedication knows no bounds. She sees Healthy Birth Day, Inc. as a beacon of hope, a platform where her story and advocacy can shine. Chandra’s honesty, compassion, and unwavering commitment to the cause make her a valuable asset in the mission to reduce and prevent stillbirths.

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