Kristen Secviar
  • Kristen Secviar
  • Indiana Ambassador

My name is Kristen Secviar, and I live in Valparaiso, Indiana with my partner, Ian, and our son Jamie. For those unfamiliar, Valparaiso is only 50 minutes from Chicago and 30 minutes from Michigan. We also maintain the Central Time Zone alongside Chicago as there are so many commuters in the area, like myself. I’m an avid gardener and movie lover, and I work in sales for a software company to support my many hobbies and family.

I decided to become an ambassador for Count The Kicks after my daughter, Margot Irene, was stillborn at 36 weeks and 5 days in 2022. I had a normal and healthy pregnancy but became lax in my kick counts. As Margot was my second child and I had had a healthy pregnancy before, I wasn’t as vigilant as I believe I should have been while I worked full-time and cared for my 2-year-old son as well. I continue to hold some guilt that her death could have been prevented if I had known about a tool like the Count The Kicks app

As I processed my guilt and grieved the loss of our little girl, I began devouring stillbirth statistics and followed several stillbirth prevention accounts on social media. That’s when I came across Count The Kicks. I was shocked that I hadn’t heard about such a simple and useful tool during my pregnancy and started to think my story, in tandem with the app and stillbirth education, might help others prevent such tragedies.

I’m excited to work with such an important organization to bring awareness to kick-counting and improve outcomes in Indiana to honor my daughter. 

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