Liz O’Donnell
  • Liz O’Donnell
  • Washington, D.C. Ambassador

Liz O’Donnell joins the Count the Kicks Ambassador team from Washington, D.C. The stillbirth of her daughter, Aaliyah, in December 2020 has brought her into this space and role. As a former elementary school teacher, Liz knows the power and value of education and realizes that she was not properly educated in kick counting the way she should have been. 

In addition to representing Count the Kicks in the nation’s capital, Liz also has a nonprofit of her own, Aaliyah in Action, which works to support families after loss in the form of self-care. She is also a Director at PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy. Aaliyah’s legacy will be strong because of the work Liz is doing in the maternal-infant health space, part of which is to make sure families are properly educated on the importance of properly tracking fetal movement during pregnancy.

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