Samantha LaCroix
  • Samantha LaCroix
  • Massachusetts Ambassador

My name is Samantha LaCroix. I live in Worcester County, Mass., with my husband, and two beautiful rainbow babies who are growing up fast. On April 6, 2021 I decided it was time to do more and help others beyond making donations to a few charities. 

It was nine years ago, to the day, that my son Xavier was stillborn at 41 weeks. For my angel baby’s birthday, I decided to help other moms in his honor. 

After researching numerous organizations, I knew the Count the Kicks campaign through Healthy Birth Day, Inc. was different and where I wanted to invest my energy. This is the only organization solely focused on preventing stillbirth through research and education.   

I can’t help but wonder, “what if?” What if Count the Kicks had been promoted in my doctor’s office? What if I had seen a social media post about Count the Kicks … would my son be alive today? I will never know the answer. 

If I had been tracking my son’s movement I would have been an empowered mother. I would have had data on the change in my baby’s activity and maybe my doctor would have sent me for a stress test when I said at my 40-week visit “he’s not moving that much.”

My rainbow babies talk about Xavier and love when we go to the Boston Public Garden to visit “Xavier’s tree” by the pond; just on the other side of the bridge from the swan boats.  

I feel so fortunate to be a Count the Kicks ambassador. I want to help empower expectant mothers to advocate for their unborn baby. I want to raise awareness with healthcare providers that there are easily accessible resources available to ensure every baby has a healthy birth day.

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