Jasmine Abraham
  • Jasmine Abraham
  • Ohio Ambassador

Hi! My name is Jasmine, and I live in Cleveland, Ohio, with my husband Adam. I am honored to have this opportunity to join Count the Kicks as an Ambassador for Ohio.

On June 27, 2020, at exactly 37 weeks, I realized I hadn’t felt our son move all day. I called my OB/Gyn who directed me to get a non-stress test at the maternity ward to “ease my mind.” Shortly thereafter, I heard the most dreadful words that any mother could ever hear: “I’m so sorry, there’s no heartbeat.”

On June 29, 2020 at 7:43 p.m., at 6 lbs., 7.7 oz. and 20 inches long, our son Qasem Adam Abraham was born still. They laid him on my chest, and he was stunning. He had black curly hair and a cleft chin just like his mama, with the same nose as his daddy.

Half of my prenatal visits were virtual due to current restrictions. If I had practiced kick counting, I would have realized that Qasem was not moving sooner.

I am so passionate about spreading awareness and honored to have this opportunity to advocate for Count the Kicks in my local community.

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