Tiffany Taft
  • Tiffany Taft
  • Alabama Ambassador

My name is Tiffany Taft, and my sweet second child, Jackson, was loss in a miscarriage just shy of 20 weeks of pregnancy. Although stillbirth is categorized as 20 weeks+, I still grieve his early loss. My story is not all that different from many I have spoken to since my loss. I had two intrauterine fibroids inside the muscle of my uterus, the size of a grapefruit that I was told outpaced the growth of my baby and basically led to my early labor and delivery of this beautiful soul.

My only picture of him was my first ultrasound, the sweetest memory ever. I didn’t know about all the ways that I could have preserved his memory for me, but he will forever be one of my heavenly angels. I did experience this loss alone, and it is because of that, I made a promise in honor of my sons by showing up in community, supporting mothers and families as I could best, and providing evidence-based education to support and promote healthy pregnancy and birth outcomes. I wasn’t sure what that would look like exactly, but this I know for sure: I am working within my unique gifts and I am honored to serve.

It is my absolute honor and pleasure to meet you. I wear many hats and hold many titles, but you may find me mostly serving our community in the role of a Doula, massage therapist, and yoga instructor, as well as a speaker, author, and so much more. I am the Chief Wellness Officer and founder of Sacred Soul Wellness located in Montgomery, Alabama, where I create remarkable holistic experiences that empower women to be the best WHOLE version of themselves.

I am an integral healer. I am drawn to serve women and mothers-to-be in honor of our sacred wombs and our journey through fertility, birth, and beyond. After the loss of my second son, I knew I had to show up and serve women in a different way than I had been supported in my most vulnerable moment in life. I made a promise to not only educate and provide options, but also to empower other women who are like me and wear so many different hats and titles. I am honored to serve this community of mothers as they journey through the physical and emotional rhythms of fertility, pregnancy, and beyond. Every class, every mother, every family, every moment, I am blessed to be a part of their journey to motherhood and if needed, to support them in their loss.

I am so proud to be an Ambassador for Count the Kicks, helping to educate and support through this incredible platform and organization to spread awareness in a way that has proven to save babies’ lives and family memories. I am forever mindful of how I show up in this work and the importance of supporting such a mission to prevent and reduce stillbirths.

If you are reading this bio, no matter where you are, I hope that I can count on your support in sharing this information. I live in a state where our maternal and infant mortality statistics right now are not at their best. I serve mostly and represent the marginalized, and desire to make a change to balance the scales at minimal through education and with tools that work to save babies’ lives.

My son Jackson taught me about love, embracing the unexpected, anchoring and the power in faith, and a strength like no other. The tools, education, and community engagement are simple, effective ways that moms can connect and engage their bodies and their babies before they even arrive earth side. As a holistic practitioner, I am always encouraging everyone to take time for themselves and really connect in ways that matter most. What better way to love on your baby before they arrive. 

Let’s work together to ensure that every mother and family has the same opportunity to experience their own beautiful birth story and bring their little ones home whole and well. I live in one state, but I serve ALL. Help me, help you to be a part of the solution and create meaningful conversation and action towards saving these precious lives.

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