Kristy Edie
  • Kristy Edie
  • West Virginia Ambassador

My name is Kristy Edie. I am a wife and mother passionate about sharing the Count the Kicks message.

My son Garrett Marshall Edie was born still on December 23, 2014.

After experiencing a very easy pregnancy, I was stunned to learn that my son had passed away at 35 weeks gestation. Nothing can ever prepare you for the moment your life forever changes.

During an online search in the spring of 2014, I found the Count the Kicks website.

I knew immediately that this was something that I wanted to be a part of.

Less than two weeks later, I was on a flight to Des Moines to attend their annual Every Women Counts event and become a trained ambassador.

That trip changes my life! I met amazing women who had experienced the same loss that I had. These women were able to turn a horrific experience into a celebration of their child’s life, and a positive message to save other children.

I quickly formed a deep bond with many of these ladies. I was inspired to return home and begin sharing the message in my local area.

I have so many personal goals for my Count the Kicks work. I especially enjoy talking with expectant moms about the importance of tracking baby’s movements.

So many local providers and parents have expressed positive feedback about our message.

I feel a renewed sense of purpose for my life.

It is a privilege to share the Count the Kicks message in honor of my son Garrett.

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