Shiimayne Brown-Stump
  • Shiimayne Brown-Stump
  • Virginia Ambassador

I am a boy mom; their current ages are 6 and almost 5 years old. I am a student midwife apprentice with two local homebirth midwives in my area. I am also a birth/postpartum/fertility doula in my area, with training in placenta encapsulation/tinctures and art. I have finished training in breastfeeding and I am continuing my schooling in midwifery.

My life revolves around birth/women/birthing people, motherhood and parenthood. I thrive on inclusivity and contributing to lowering the amount of Black women suffering in healthcare as a whole. I believe all women/birthing people need help, understanding and information to make the best choices about their bodies and their baby’s health. I am also a firm believer that Black bodies are under attack and need representation. And the LGBTQIA+ community needs representation. 

We all deserve care providers that will do whatever it takes to inform and protect us. I am one person, but pride myself on the fact that I surround myself with powerful people who care and will make a difference.

Count the Kicks is incredibly important to me and the great work they are doing for women and birthing bodies. Information is power and I intend to make sure I help as many women and  birthing bodies as possible find their power. 


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