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Indiana Baby Boy

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  • 12.07.23

“I learned about Count the Kicks from my sister several years before I became pregnant with our first. She used Count the Kicks every day with both her pregnancies. It was because she did so that she realized her daughter wasn’t moving as much as normal at 39 weeks. After her little one failed the nonstress test, my sister was induced. A healthy little girl was born that day with her cord around her neck. 

I didn’t forget about Count the Kicks and how my niece’s story could have been so different. When I finally got pregnant myself, I downloaded the Count the Kicks app immediately. I’m grateful, too, that my Ob/Gyn not only had posters all over the office, but also discussed the importance of kick counts with me. I started counting kicks a little earlier than was needed, but I loved sitting down and counting little man’s pokes and jabs. He was always moving like crazy, hitting 10 kicks in less than a minute most days and never taking more than 10 minutes. 

At 37 weeks 6 days, it took just under an hour to reach 10 weak kicks. I made a mental note about it and continued about the day. The next morning, I realized I hadn’t felt him move at all. I sat down to do a kick count immediately. After an hour, I had felt only one very weak jab. My husband called my Ob/Gyn who urged us to come in as soon as we could. We found ourselves packing up the truck and driving 20 miles per hour into the city during a snowstorm in a panic that had nothing to do with the weather. The doctor ordered a biophysical with a nonstress test, which our little man failed. Two hours and a C-section later, we had him safely in our arms. 

Our son was monitored upon birth and had a normal APGAR score. We don’t know what caused his decreased movement. While my husband and I would like to say things would have turned out fine if we hadn’t gone into the hospital that day, we both believe that would not have been the truth. Our son is a healthy 2-year-old today because we were informed enough about his typical movements in utero to notice a decrease in his movements — something our Ob/Gyn attributes solely to us counting kicks every day using the Count the Kicks app.” -Indiana mom

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