• Meet Aiden

Meet Aiden

  • Baby Saves
  • 08.11.21

“My Count the Kicks story is with my third out of five children. I learned about Count the Kicks with my first and did it religiously with all my pregnancies. I was 38 weeks and my son was very consistent with his active time. 

We (husband and I) would put our two little girls to bed after dinner and then sit and relax and put my feet up. This is when I would count, but on that day, Aug. 3, he wasn’t nearly as active. I did all the recommended things to try and get him to be more active. Drinking something cold and sweet, lying on my left side, etc. and I got my kicks in but it took a lot longer than usual. 

I had a regularly scheduled  appointment that next morning and everything was checking out fine. But when I mentioned that he wasn’t as active the night before they asked if I wanted to do a neonatal stress test. With my two little girls in tow and daddy we headed to do that just to check on our little guy. He barely passed. I still didn’t feel right about it. I talked to my OB and they said he’s perfectly healthy but if my mommy instincts were telling me something was off to listen to them. 

We scheduled an induction that evening and the next morning on Aug. 5 our son was born. He was coming fast and I was in the middle of pushing him out when they told me to stop pushing. They had to cut the umbilical cord so that I could continue pushing him out. He was jaundiced and spent 3 days under phototherapy lights, but they said if I hadn’t been counting kicks and listening to my own instincts the cord could have wrapped tighter and been a different outcome.

Without Count the Kicks I could have lost my son. I am ever so grateful for the awareness and mindfulness that Count the Kicks brings to mommies. Thank you for all you do!” -Maggie L., Aiden’s mom

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