• Meet Hannah

Meet Hannah

  • Baby Saves
  • 04.23.20

My daughter, Hannah, was due April 26th, 2017. However, at 36 weeks I noticed that my normally rambunctious baby was not moving as much. I was at my desk at work, so I was able to keep count of her kicks without many distractions. She had very few in the hours leading up to me calling my OB. I ate some of my older daughter’s birthday cake (full of sugar) and laid on my left side but her movements did not change. At the hospital, I was given more sugar. She did have a heart rate but it did not increase with my sugar consumption as it should, and she still wasn’t moving. It was decided to go ahead and deliver. 

My OB found a large clot in the umbilical vein, meaning Hannah was not getting enough blood. Her heart rate was less than 60 beats per minute at delivery. She received CPR for 5 minutes. She was able to dodge intubation, but was taken to the NICU for therapeutic cooling to protect her brain from any potential damage from the decreased blood flow.

With the help of her clinical and therapy teams, Hannah has done great! Today she is a happy, healthy, and very energetic 3 year old. 

My sweet Hannah wouldn’t be here without Count the Kicks. I am thankful every day for Hannah and cherish every moment. – Sarah P., Hannah’s mom 

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