• Meet Lena

Meet Lena

  • Baby Saves
  • 03.27.23

“We discovered Count the Kicks and all of the resources and research from Healthy Birth Day, Inc. during the search for answers following the loss of our daughter Ryan Marie in 2020. Decreased movements had been casually mentioned at our appointments, but after our loss I was focused on changes in movement as Ryan was extremely active and not following her usual patterns on the day we lost her. She had even passed a non-stress test just 12 hours before. 

During our next pregnancy, I used the Count the Kicks app from the day I could feel movement (over-eager!) and loved having more data and knowledge on our side. When our breach boy James wouldn’t move and rising liver enzymes were making an early delivery likely, we were able to feel confident in delaying two days to schedule with our preferred provider in week 37 because his movements were staying typical for him. 

During our latest pregnancy, I was excited to see the app had been updated with a section for kick strength and for notes, both of which I used to enhance our record keeping. When our non-stress tests and biophysical profiles were coming back borderline in week 34, the Count the Kicks data helped me feel confident between appointments. It also helped me not to feel as though I was overreacting because of past pregnancy outcomes.

When we were one day shy of 36 weeks, I went in with data (not just a feeling) showing changes in movement similar to what I remembered with Ryan. That, coupled with another barely passing non-stress test and biophysical profile, led us to deliver that day. Little Lena needed some help to get going, but we are beyond grateful to have her with us today.

Count the Kicks and a responsive and attentive medical team have more than earned our trust and praise.” Carly C., Lena’s mom

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