• Meet Margot

Meet Margot

  • Baby Saves
  • 02.09.21

“My baby girl, Margot Ann, was just saved due to noticing lack of fetal movement. On Monday, Jan. 4, I received a non-stress test (NST) and BioPhysical Profile (BPP) test to keep extra tabs on my daughter due to my gestational diabetes diagnosis. At this routine NST/ BPP, Margot scored a 10/10, which indicated that the baby was doing well. 

On Tuesday (just a day later) I noticed a lack of fetal movement and upon trying for a kick counting session with the Count the Kicks App, it was clear that the baby did not meet her normal movements. I called the doctor who listened to my concerns in a calm but not dismissive way and told me to report directly to labor and delivery triage at the hospital. 

There the baby technically passed the first NST but not with flying colors like the day before so the doctor ordered the test to be repeated in 12 hours. Early on Tuesday morning, I had a repeat NST and the baby was considered ‘non reactive’ so I was admitted to the hospital for close monitoring. I was also administered steroid shots to help bolster the babies lungs in case an early delivery was needed since I was currently at 34.2 weeks gestation. 

The medical team couldn’t really find a reason for why the baby was non reactive but decided delivery was for the best. A planned C-section due to her breech position was scheduled for Friday, Jan. 8 at 3 p.m., but the baby went into distress the night of Jan. 7, resulting in an emergency BPP that baby Margot was given a  2 out of 10, receiving points only for amniotic fluid. 

As a result, she was born by emergency C-section at 12:26 a.m. on Jan. 8. It was quickly discovered that Margot had a complete knot in her cord, the cord was wrapped around her neck two times, and her hands were also tethered by the cord. Thankfully, she was healthy and after a brief stay in the NICU was able to come home to our family. 

I am very fortunate that my OB office shared the Count the Kicks information with me – through posters on the room walls and a brochure, as it encouraged me to download and regularly use the Count the Kicks app, which is how I knew that my baby’s normal movement pattern had changed.  

The Count the Kicks education and App, and the courageous voice of an Instagram friend who bravely shares her story of loss due to stillbirth made this pregnancy risk real to me, and the doctors who acted on my concerns are all the important reasons that Margot is safely in my arms today.” -Cathleen W., Margot’s mom

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