• Meet River

Meet River

  • Baby Saves
  • 05.20.21

“I had known about Count the Kicks for years and even told my sister about it during her pregnancies, so I knew that I wanted to use the app in my pregnancy. One day I noticed our son River was not moving as much as he normally did. I called my doctor and they told me to go to the hospital for tests. After the tests, the doctor came in and said something is not right – we need to get him out.

Within 25 minutes, I delivered our son. As soon as they got him out I heard the doctor say – ‘oh wow that’s tight.’ River had the cord wrapped around him 3 times, and I guess it was extremely tight. At the same time the doc was assessing me and said my placenta was on the verge of abruption.

My doctor told me he was proud of me and said, ‘you did what you are supposed to do. You listened to your body, came in when you were nervous and because of that you are alive and your baby is alive. It could have been a completely different story had you waited.’ Which broke my heart.

I want to tell people don’t put off kick counting – it is worth your child’s life.

As moms, we are the only ones that do know – I had him in me for nine months – I know what’s normal for him and I know my intuition. There is nothing wrong with getting checked. You are reassured that they are ok. I just think I would have regretted so badly had I not gone.

I am a huge advocate for Count the Kicks and encourage all moms to download the app and use it every day in the third trimester.” -Katelynn, River’s mom

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