• Meet Senara

Meet Senara

  • Baby Saves
  • 04.10.23

“After the unexpected stillbirth of my precious first daughter in 2020 and a subsequent miscarriage, I was both thrilled and scared when I became pregnant again in 2021. I was considered a high-risk pregnancy and was grateful for the additional monitoring and care.  As a result of my experience of loss, I was determined to listen to myself and be an advocate for my baby in this pregnancy.

My doctors did provide me with the Count the Kicks brochure and I followed that information to learn my daughter’s normal times of activity and movement patterns. Because of this education, I also knew the importance of speaking up to my doctor if I ever noticed a change in her normal.  Things were going quite well until week 33 when I noticed a decrease in her movement.  The evening of her birth, I tried to get her to move and when she was unresponsive, I went to the hospital. 

When I arrived, my daughter gratefully had a heartbeat, but she refused to move and then she failed an extensive BPP.  In very quick order, the room filled with medical staff as the doctor explained to me that although they were not sure why my daughter was “not happy” they did believe she needed to be delivered immediately.  My sweet Senara Yahfahya was born a bit early, but alive on Feb. 14 – a perfect Valentine’s gift. I am so in love with Senara and deeply grateful for Count the Kicks, my attentive medical team and for the knowledge I had to speak up so that I am able to watch my daughter grow up.” – Destiny P., Senara’s mom

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