• Meet Arya

Meet Arya

  • Baby Saves
  • 09.02.22

“Prior to my successfully pregnancy with my little girl, Arya, I had experienced three devastating miscarriages which rightfully made me anxious when I was pregnant with my daughter. Like all moms, I wanted my baby to survive and be healthy. During a second trimester ultrasound, I was diagnosed with an anterior placenta which can make feeling fetal movement more difficult, but I knew that kick counting was an important way to monitor my daughter’s well-being so when I read about the Count the Kicks app, I downloaded it and began kick counting kicks daily at 28 weeks. 

Using the Count the Kicks app was a great experience. I used the education in the app to help empower myself with more knowledge on tracking fetal movement and I learned the importance of sharing any concerns with my doctor.  Using the app helped me focus on my baby girls’ kicks and learn more about her normal movement patterns. It became my daily habit to sit down after dinner each evening and count my daughter’s kicks – as a bonus the app sent me daily reminders so I would not forget.

During my 36th week of pregnancy, I noticed that Arya’s movements had slowed down, but she was still moving.  This trend continued into the next day and although I worried that my anxiety was getting the best of me, I decided I needed to contact my doctor who told me to come to the hospital to check on the baby and me. It was at this time that I found out I was experiencing gestational hypertension that needed to be closely monitored for my own well-being and for the safety of the baby as well.  

Due to continued high blood pressure over the next few days it was determined best to induce me a bit early.  Thankfully, my daughter was born healthy, and I did not suffer any additional health problems associated with hypertension. There is no doubt that using the Count the Kicks app encouraged me to advocate for myself and my baby and helped me bring my precious girl into the world safely.” -Gaitree R., Arya’s mom

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