• Meet Aurora

Meet Aurora

  • Baby Saves
  • 01.16.20

“My daughter was due May 7, 2018, but after feeling decreased movement over the course of 36 hours I went in to get checked just to be safe. Prior to going to the hospital I ate espresso ice cream, laid down, poked and prodded, and did anything I could possibly try to feel her move and also downloaded and used the Count the Kicks app to make it more concrete that I wasn’t feeling movement.

Her heart rate was detectable, but decelerating during the non-stress test, which was deemed to be a nonreactive non-stress test, and they performed a 30 minute ultrasound that showed zero movement. At this point I was whisked away, and she was born via emergency Cesarean that evening on April 14, 2018. Fetal to maternal hemorrhage was the final diagnosis. My daughter lost a massive amount of her blood to me. Her hemoglobin was only at 3.8 (normal range ~13.4-19.9) and her hematocrit was at 11.7, (normal range~42-65). She ended up in the NICU having blood transfusions and countless tests, needle sticks, IVs, etc. In fetal to maternal hemorrhage the last thing to go is the heartbeat, which is one reason why no one should ever rely on a home doppler for reassurance. The neonatologist said she wouldn’t have made it another hour.

Prior to this evening, I remember not wanting to be the over anxious or worried first time mom and hearing things like, “the baby doesn’t move as much in the third trimester,” “the baby runs out of room …” I learned that night to always trust your instincts and counting Aurora’s kicks on the app was the final motion that put the seriousness of the situation in perspective for me to make that call to my midwife and head in to get checked out.

Our sweet Aurora wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for counting and tracking her movements that night. Today she is a happy and healthy 21 month old, and is soon to be a big sister! And you better believe I am counting baby’s kicks!!” -Melissa T., Aurora’s mom

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