• Meet Brody

Meet Brody

  • Baby Saves
  • 06.02.23

“Our family was excited for the arrival of our second child, a baby boy named Brody, who was due to arrive in early June. I had learned about Count the Kicks during my first pregnancy from my doctor’s office. Throughout both of my pregnancies, I was encouraged to learn the normal movement pattern for my babies and strongly encouraged to speak up about any concerns I may have about movement or anything else. During every appointment in the third trimester my baby’s movement patterns were discussed. I felt comfortable to bring up concerns regarding his movements to my doctor, nurse, or anyone in the clinic. 

During my pregnancy with Brody, it was discovered that antibodies had developed, small c in my case, increasing risk for hemolytic anemia for Brody. Due to this we had planned to induce delivery at 37 weeks. I also received weekly non-stress tests (NST) and ultrasounds to check in on my baby’s well-being. At my 33-week gestation appointment Brody passed all tests with flying colors. 

The next morning I noticed I didn’t feel him move like I normally did. It was a night and day difference from the day before. Something did not feel right, so I called my doctor and went in to get checked right away. 

When I arrived at the hospital, they took my concerns seriously and performed another NST, which did indicate some movement, but they were so soft I was unable to feel them. A Biophysical Profile was then performed, and Brody only scored a 2 out of 10. This is the same test he passed quickly without concern less than 24 hours earlier. 

After discussion with doctors from another hospital, it was determined I couldn’t be transported and required an emergency C-section immediately. Brody was born less than 5 hours after I identified his lack of movement. Right after he was born, he was taken 40 minutes away to a hospital with a high level NICU and my husband followed. When I was discharged and reunited with them the next day, I learned the cause for his lack of movement was that he had the cord wrapped around his neck, twice. It was extremely scary to think what might have been. 

It was also discovered that he had a dangerous gastrointestinal issue that required an extensive surgery when he was two days old. They had to remove 30 cm of bowel from his little body. This is a problem that likely would have become more severe had he remained inside of me longer.

I am convinced that Brody’s life was saved because the doctors and nurses of Mary Greeley Medical Center educated me with Count the Kicks and empowered me to advocate for my baby when I noticed his decrease in movement.  

Today, we are so happy to have Brody home from his 3-week NICU stay and he is doing great! We are so thankful he was brought into this world when he was, so he now has a chance to do great things, which we know he will!” -Hannah M., Brody’s mom

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