• Meet Cooper

Meet Cooper

  • Baby Saves
  • 10.19.16

“Everything was going beautifully with my pregnancy until one fateful afternoon, when I noticed a lack of movement in my belly.

I drank juice, laid on my side, and waited … and waited … and waited until panic set in.  The doctor on call told me to head to the hospital for monitoring. There we found a limp baby.

I was thrown into a wheel chair and put to sleep to get the little one out as quickly as possible.

I awoke to the face of my OB/GYN saying, “Thank you. You saved your baby’s life!”

I was told that our little Cooper would not have made it through the day had I not been counting the kicks and paying attention to his movement.

I am constantly telling my pregnant friends, acquaintances, anyone that will listen to count kicks and not take it for granted!

Thank you! As I watch my little man snoozing peacefully in his swing, I’m overwhelmed with the fact that he is here and he is mine!”-Tracie, Cooper’s mom

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