• Meet Grayson

Meet Grayson

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  • 06.08.17

I had a C-section scheduled for September 6, 2016. After months of concerning messages to my doctors that my son was breech, I kept getting the response, “He will flip.” Went in for my 36 week appointment and the NP told me he had flipped head down, I was so excited! I went back for my 38 week appointment and much to my dismay, the NP was wrong, and he was still breech and now too big to flip. On September 5, the Monday before my scheduled C-section, I noticed a major decrease in movement so I started counting his kicks. I tried lying down on my side, drinking orange juice, drinking cold water, and pushing (not hard) on my belly (by this time he would would normally kick back to my touch). After only having a few throughout a 5ish hour period I decided to go in. They hooked me up to the monitor for about 45 minutes and were concerned that there was no movement or reactive heart rate, and that I was contracting. They took me to ultrasound to get further testing and after a 1/2 hour there decided that he was under a lot of stress and we needed to do a C-section NOW. Within about an hour I was in the OR and he was born at 6:51PM on September 5. I am so glad I had learned to Count the Kicks in class because they told me the outcome could have been very different. I had a thick meconium stain which was not allowing him to practice breathe. I was able to hold him with help in the OR and as soon as I was comfortable in recovery I was able to breastfeed him right away. He is now the light of our lives. I just really want mamas to know that if they are hesitant AT ALL about calling or going in to go with their gut, the worst that can happen is they send you back home if everything is okay. I almost didn’t go in and it would have been a very different outcome. Thank you so much for providing this information to moms!


-Grayson’s Mom

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