• Meet Nora

Meet Nora

  • Baby Saves
  • 11.04.21

“I learned about Count the Kicks from a pamphlet while waiting during my 28 week glucose screening test. I often worked a late swing shift, so I would generally do my kick counts when the baby was most active after work (around 2 a.m.). I would usually get 10 movements within 30 minutes. 

I woke up on a Thursday morning at 36 weeks, 5 days pregnant and felt my baby had been moving a bit less than usual. I reflected she had not been as active as usual the night before (but passed her kick count). After not being able to push this concern out of my head, I went and laid back down to check a kick count, but fell asleep because it was taking so long in between kicks! 

I got out of bed and did another kick count, and felt three movements in two hours (I still thought I was overreacting). I had plans to meet a friend of mine to see a movie, and spent the entire movie worried about my baby. Afterward, I called a friend and casually mentioned that my baby wasn’t moving as much today – thinking I was just being a worried mama. She encouraged me to call the nurse and based on our conversation, the nurse instructed me to come to labor and delivery to be examined. I picked my husband up from work and we headed to the hospital. 

When I arrived, monitoring was put on and I was relieved to hear the baby’s normal heartbeat. I was monitored for another hour or so to ensure that the baby was doing well. My husband and I discussed where to go for dinner, as I had no idea I would be having a baby that night. During the monitoring, Nora’s heartbeat began to have decelerations and my nurses rushed in to check the baby. 

It was at that point that my doctor decided an emergency C-section was needed and I ‘would be a parent in 20 minutes.’  I was taken to surgery and Nora had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck three times. Nora was born weighing 5 lbs at 36 weeks gestation, and spent a week in the NICU to assist with feeding. 

Today, Nora is a thriving, independent 3-year-old who has hit all her developmental milestones. We cannot imagine our lives without her, and we have so much gratitude for the doctors and nurses at Mary Greeley who delivered our healthy baby, and the Count The Kicks campaign that caused me to take action.” -Julie R., Nora’s mom

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