• Meet Teagan

Meet Teagan

  • Baby Saves
  • 10.29.18

I was at my regular 38-week appointment on a Thursday when my doctor measured my belly and voiced concerns that the baby was small for the age. We scheduled an ultrasound the following week, and he said not to worry but OF COURSE, I couldn’t stop worrying. Friday night after dinner when I had a minute to sit and unwind I realized that I didn’t remember her being very active that day while I was at work. I laid down to unwind and count and started to get concerned. I passed it off as her sleeping and went to sleep myself. When I woke up around 3 am, I noticed I hadn’t been woken up to her kicking me (which was not normal) and that’s when I woke my husband and decided to go to the ER.

When we arrived and checked in, they started monitoring and did an ultrasound to check and that’s when they found that she barely had enough fluid around her. My blood pressure was extremely high and she was trying to preserve her energy by not moving. They decided to induce and after a long labor, our Teagan Grace was born happy & healthy on Sunday night. She was VERY underweight, at just over 4lbs. Her tiny size was due to my placenta, which didn’t grow to a full healthy size. We were told we were very lucky she survived that long and made it through delivery.

She just turned 2 months and has grown better than they expected! She weighed in at 9.8lbs this week and has grown 3 inches. We lucked out with such a healthy baby, despite the circumstances.

Looking back, I should have gone to the hospital sooner but I didn’t want to be the woman who cries wolf. Thankfully I eventually listened to my gut and went to the hospital.

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