• Meet Emilia

Meet Emilia

  • Baby Saves
  • 04.07.23

“As I neared my third trimester of pregnancy with my second child, I was reminded that it was time to pull up the Count the Kicks app to track and learn my baby’s movements, just like I had done in my first pregnancy with my daughter Emilia. Initially, after Emilia’s quick and unexpected arrival, I did not recognize the true impact of kick counting with the app until I started sharing her birth story and reflecting on our journey.

Emilia was due to arrive in late January and my healthy pregnancy was moving along smoothly.  Around Christmas an ultrasound was performed confirming my baby girl was doing great.  However, our story shifted on December 30, at 36 weeks pregnant, when I recognized a change in Emilia’s movement pattern – she had definitely slowed down.  I first contacted my sister who was a nurse practitioner and she affirmed that it would be wise to contact my provider, who in turn asked me to come in to check on the baby.

When we arrived, our daughter’s heart rate was fine. However, my doctor continued the investigation with a Biophysical profile (BPP), which measures the health of the baby, and we were surprised when she failed this important test.  In fact, our doctor determined due to Emilia’s level of distress, it was best for her to be delivered that night to ensure her safety.  After her safe arrival it was determined that umbilical cord compressions were the cause of Emilia’s distress, but what caused those compressions remains unknown. 

Using the Count the Kicks app helped me understand what Emilia’s normal movement pattern was – this knowledge is the only reason I was alerted to speak up to my doctor, who told me that I saved her life by coming in.  It is my hope that by sharing my story other moms will Count the Kicks and know the importance of speaking up about a change in movement so that their baby can also have a healthy birth day.” -Kathleen H., Emilia’s mom

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