• Meet Elliot

Meet Elliot

  • Baby Saves
  • 04.17.20

“On Aug. 23, 2018 I woke up to start getting things ready for my daughter’s fourth birthday, and after a while I realized that I wasn’t feeling my baby move. I told my husband about it and he was very supportive and told me right away to say the word and he would leave work. So I drank some juice and ate something and laid on my side and felt nothing. I called my amazing nurse and she told me to get there as soon as possible for a biophysical ultrasound. 

We live an hour away from the hospital so I called my husband and he came home immediately. That hour drive was the longest hour of my life praying very hard that I would not lose my baby on my daughter’s birthday. When we got to the clinic they told me my Doctor was out of the office and I would see her assistant. So we went to our ultrasound and thank goodness they found a heartbeat. We were sitting in the waiting room when the door opened up to my Doctor standing there, and I knew right away it wasn’t good news. She kindly grabbed my hand and told me that my baby was in distress and would need to be born by an emergency Cesarean and that I was to meet her across the street at the hospital as quickly as possible. So my husband called my sister to come pick up our daughter while I was off being prepped for surgery. 

We were blessed with a baby BOY and when he was born we discovered his cord was wrapped tightly multiple times around his foot causing his oxygen to be reduced. Elliot was in respiratory distress and was taken to the NICU immediately where he spent the first week of his life. He developed asthma not long after birth and has had some challenging times, but other than that he is now a healthy little boy full of life and energy! 

I was never doubted by anyone around me about what I was feeling and that helped me to not second guess myself or to not be afraid to voice my worries. I was told multiple times by my son’s NICU nurses and my OB/GYN that being aware of movement and counting kicks no doubt saved my son’s life.” -Kylie S., Elliot’s mom

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