• Meet Luna

Meet Luna

  • Baby Saves
  • 02.11.21

“My son Robert and his wife Courtenay found out they were pregnant after returning home from an amazing trip to the Dominican Republic. A few months later we found out that we were expecting a baby girl and they decided her name would be Luna. The pregnancy progressed normally and I asked Courtenay if she’d heard about Count the Kicks. She let me know that she was already using the app to monitor Luna’s fetal movement. Before we knew it, April was here and Luna was due to make her grand appearance in to the world any day.

I called to check on Courtenay to see if there were any signs of labor and she advised me that she felt a few contractions, but noticed Luna wasn’t as active she had been. She said, “I think she just wants out of here!” Later that day they went to the hospital because they thought her water had broken. She advised the doctors that Luna was not moving as much and was concerned.

Upon examination, the doctors found that there were 2 medical issues endangering Luna’s ability to pass through the birth canal safely. Courtenay was given an emergency C-section early that morning and Luna was born healthy. We are grateful for the Count the Kicks App. By being able to count Luna’s movements we were able to let the doctors know there had been a change in her behavior, prompting them to check further allowing my granddaughter to have a Healthy Birthday!” — Stephaney L. Moody of Des Moines, Iowa

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