• Meet Jude

Meet Jude

  • Baby Saves
  • 04.07.22

“About a week before my due date I was counting kicks in the evening and noticed it took a little longer to get the 10 kicks, but was sure things were fine. The next morning I didn’t feel any movement, which was unusual for me. 

Out of caution, I did call my Ob/Gyn who told me to go ahead and go into the hospital. I felt almost embarrassed to be casually walking into the OB emergency unit obviously not in distress or an apparent ’emergency,’ and assumed they would tell me I’m fine and to go back home. 

However, they did a biophysical profile and my babe got a score of 2/10, only getting points for sufficient amniotic fluid- with 0s for heart rate, breathing, movement and muscle tone. He did have a heartbeat, but was in distress and I was told his birth day would be that day. 

I was also having contractions every 3 minutes, but wasn’t aware because I wasn’t in any pain. The doctors broke my water, labor progressed naturally (and painfully after that point) and Jude was born several hours later. My first sight of him was being ‘thrown’ around and I wondered why OBs turn babies upside down and all around as soon as they’re born, only to understand later that the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and he was being unwrapped. 

He was immediately put on oxygen and precautions were taken, but at the end of the day, we had a healthy baby boy who is now a healthy, active toddler. I am overwhelmingly thankful that I took counting kicks and monitoring movement seriously. I encourage all other first-time, tenth-time, laid back or anxious moms to do the same!” -Molly R., Jude’s mom

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