• Meet Haley

Meet Haley

  • Baby Saves
  • 12.08.21

“I was 34 weeks, 5 days pregnant with my third child when I noticed decreased fetal movement. I had been sick and thought maybe that was impacting her movement. 

On the second day of feeling more concerned that I wasn’t feeling much movement, I laid down to focus on counting the kicks. After an hour, I didn’t feel any. I called my OB office and they said drink some juice and count kicks for another hour. After the second hour I didn’t feel any movements so I went into the hospital to get checked out. 

Baby was monitored for about 14 hours and I had two biophysical profile ultrasounds with scores of 4 and 2. At that time they recommended a C-Section to get the baby out as they didn’t think the baby could handle the stress of induced labor. Baby was born safely and overall healthy on Oct. 17! 

We will never know what caused her decreased movement. I had counted the kicks with my other two babies and saw the poster in the OB office at every appointment. We’re so thankful I called my OB when I did and that I knew to take notice of her changes in movement. 

It’s hard not knowing the cause of her decreased fetal movement, but I feel so thankful I get to hold and love on our baby girl!” Andrea K., Haley’s mom

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